It’s time to start feeling in control of your finances, pay yourself more, stop stressing about taxes, and free up your time for the parts of your practice that will make you more money – you can even catch up on your notes and start planning that self care vacation you’ve been dreaming about!


Why you’re here…

  • You’re way too busy to keep up with your bookkeeping; you’re seeing clients, filling your wait-list, catching up on notes (oh the notes), managing your staff, marketing, trying to maintain self care and a work/life balance – those things all take priority over bookkeeping – as they 100% should.

  • You had a plan, new year’s resolution, goal, whatever – that you would learn to just ‘do it yourself bookkeeping’ and it turns out:

    >>> Yup, you didn’t go to school for this, nor did they teach it to you
    >>> It’s truly not as easy at it looks (as easy as QuickBooks ads try to make it look so that you’ll buy a subscription)
    >>> All that time you ‘planned’ on using to learn how to DIY, got filled with more important things that require your time to run a successful private practice
    >>> It’s way more time consuming than you anticipated
    >>> I’m just gonna say it… tax season was a shit-show. The last minute scramble to get your ‘things’ together was real (and the mess you handed over to your tax preparer most likely ended up costing you more – I mean, those ‘things’ have to get organized so they can actually complete your taxes… and someone has to pay them for their time)

  •  You ended up owing way more taxes than you anticipated

  •  You purchased bookkeeping software, fired that baby up, and wowza – it’s overwhelming #wheretobegin

  •  You purchased bookkeeping software and literally haven’t even touched it – because the software ‘just does it for you’ – WRONG!

  •  You’re making money, working your tail off, but where is all of that money going?!

  •  You 100% understand bookkeeping is not your strength, you would rather avoid the above messes, and for the love…can someone please just do it for me?!

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered…

It’s our mission to make bookkeeping and taxes a lot less overwhelming for you!


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